Why Is My Doctor Goofy?

One would think that most of the goofy moments at a pediatrician’s office would come from the children. When it comes to my office, however, these moments are just as likely to come from me. Ever since I was a child I have had a special talent in “goofy.

Once at around age 9 or so I was at the public library in my neighborhood. I felt the need to go to the bathroom and raced away into a stall. While I was in the stall, the bathroom’s main door opened, and in walked a pair of heels (which I could see under the door of the stall). Thirty seconds later, another pair of heels walked in and the two women began talking to each other. I was in the women's bathroom. Being an anxious kid anyway, I devolved into a state of panic, and made sure to raise my feet off the ground so no one could see my Airwalks. As soon as the bathroom was once again empty, I sprinted for the door (this is a poor example of handwashing coming from a pediatrician), and ran for the history section because I knew that would likely be empty.
This has nothing to do with this blog- Photo by Me!
On way or another, that same embarrassed child I used to be wound up working with children. You would think that these goofy moments would fade in the serious world of a professional. Once in a while though, that same goofy kid shows his face again. I was trying to ask a family at work if their toddler drank from a sippy cup. Unfortunately, I was doing this in Spanish  and instead of using the word for small cup “vasito," I used the word “basura," which means trash can. So if anyone asks, yes it’s true, I asked a family if their child was drinking from the trash can.

This past week I was seeing a 9 year old with headaches. Naturally, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a sinus problem, and so I put my hands on the child’s cheek. After I removed my hand there was large black fingerprints on his face. Unbeknownst to even me, right before touching his face I had my hand in my pocket where one of my pens had leaked ink everywhere. I quickly apologized to the parents and told them I just gave their child his first tattoo (face tattoos are all the rage these days).
I got ink on this swan also- Photo by Me!
Somewhere inside all of us is the child we used to be. Along the way towards becoming adults we somehow forget that dreamer of a kid we once were. As a child, I used to think the Chargers would one day win the Super Bowl, and apparently I used to also absentmindedly walk into the wrong bathroom. I am still that kid. I still think the Chargers will win the Super Bowl, and while I no longer walk into the wrong bathroom, I will accidentally smear ink on a child’s face. Here’s to the child in all of us!  


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